Consignors can bring in up to 2 eighteen gallon totes with their cute, clean and current clothing laid flat in the totes. 

Our inventory specialists will go through the totes within the week and give you a call when your totes are ready for pick-up. If there items we don't think will sell we will leave them in your tote or donate to a local charity. For toys, equipment and furniture pieces come in we ask that you have your things labeled with your first and last name. All items must have all pieces, be clean and in working order. 

When extra large totes, totes without lids and totes that are not organized are dropped off it is much more difficult for us to find quality items. We don't want to see every piece your child(ren) wore just the BEST. 

Consigners come in to pick up their totes within a week of a phone call. As soon as an item sells it's posted to the consigners account to either accumulate for a check or to be used for purchases.